Custom Pads F600, F257, F300 Sizes

Custom Pads F600, F257, F300 Sizes




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Here we offer the option of having the Loadmaster and Pee Wee / Bigfoot sized accessory pads made to order.
Processing times for these non-stocked accessories vary-- it can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks before they are shipped out.
Accessory Types:
• Seat pads will cover the entire length of the wagon bed, or they can be folded to fashion a seat with a back.

• Railing pads in the Loadmaster size will slip over the back rack and its two adjacent racks or over the front rack and its two adjacent racks (in a wrap-around fashion). The Pee Wee / Bigfoot railing pads will be made to cover all four racks.

• Side Pockets are sold in pairs -- one 3-pocket panel to slip over one rack and one 2-pocket panel to slip over an additional rack. The 2-pocket panel has larger pockets for such items as books and water bottles while the 3-pocket panel accommodates smaller objects.
Note: While the Loadmaster wagon has 6 racks each identical in length, the Pee Wee / Bigfoot wagon has side racks (one on each side) of a significantly longer length than its front and back racks. You may specify in the comments section of checkout whether you would like one very long side pocket panel (around 27" in length) with various sized pockets, or two pocket panels, one for the back rack and one for the front rack (each around 16" in length).

These accessories are available in red waterproof material, polka dot cloth, and camouflage cloth.


Loadmaster Seat Pad
Size: 39" X 18.75" x 1-2"
Price: $37

Pee Wee / Bigfoot Seat Pad
Size: 23.5" x 12.75" x 1-2"
Price: $30

Loadmaster Railing Pad
Made to fit over front or back rack with its two adjacent racks (covering 3 racks). To cover all six racks, a quantity of two railing pads must be ordered.
Price: $41

Pee Wee / Bigfoot Railing Pad
Made to fit over all 4 racks. One order will cover all the racks on wagon.
Price: $34

Loadmaster Side Pockets
Price: $34.00

Pee Wee / Bigfoot Side Pockets
Price: $27.00


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