Berlin Flyer Videos

How Berlin Flyers Are Made

Berlin Flyers are made in the USA on site at the Holmes Custom Molding facility. This is a video detailing some of the process, starting with wood from local lumber mills being cut and refined at the Holmes Custom Molding factory. Raw steel is cut and welded to form the steel parts of the wagon like the axles, udercarriage, and handle. Also shown is the paint assembly line where the wagon racks are dipped into non-toxic red paint and hung up to dry.

About the Berlin Flyer Brand

A short video with the CEO of Holmes Custom Molding commenting on the manufacturing process of Berlin Flyers and of the beliefs and values behind the company.

Wagon Assembly

An instructional video demonstrating how easy it is to assemble the Berlin Flyer wagons.
Note: the Loadmaster wagon (F600) has a different set of assembly instructions than shown in video.

See the assembly manuals for the F310, F410, F300 and the F257 and F600.

Family Fun with the Berlin Flyer

The whole family can join in on some good outdoors fun. This video highlights the Bigfoot Berlin Flyer (F300) and the Berlin Flyer All Terrain Sport (F410).