Berlin Flyer Loadmaster Wagon F600

  • By: Margaret
    I love my loadmaster wagon so much I bought two it's a nice sturdy wagon and very well built and I love the colors it comes it
  • By: Richard-GreenvilleSC
    Both product and customer service are great, "top shelf!"

    This is the second wagon we've purchased, one for each of our four children's firstborn first birthday. We are looking forward to purchasing all four wagons! The quality of design, materials and craftsmanship are excellent, and I am always very happy to support a US-based business.

    Customer service is prompt, polite and personable. Their attitude shows that they care about me beyond just making a sale.

    To them I say "Keep up the good work!" and I look forward to doing business again in the future.

    Best regards,
    Richard in Greenville, SC
  • By: Barn Gramma
    This wagon is perfect for hauling bags of horse feed or square bales of hay!! It pulls easily despite a full heavy load!! I am glad to have this handy farm wagon!
  • By: JNToler
    I ordered this wagon to pull my 108 lb twelve year old German Shepherd who is afflicted with Degenerative Myelopathy. The wagon is sturdy and stable. She boards into it without the wagon tipping, and the ride is very smooth; she is very relaxed in it. The wagon has offered a huge relief.
    It was delivered within three days of my order; one side panel was cracked--the packaging could be better--but a new part was sent out immediately.
  • By: Kevin
    I was looking for a heavy duty wagon that would last a lifetime and was a good value for my money. I easily assembled the wagon in about half an hour and am thoroughly pleased with the look and durability. This will be the perfect wagon for pulling my grandson around the neighborhood or along bumpy trails.
  • By: Lilly
    We were very impressed with shipping time. ..only 3 days! Wagon was easy to assemble and is very sturdy. The side pockets we bought for it to hold drinks does not fit.
    (Note by Premier Wagons: All wagon accessories are made to fit only the F310, F410, and F401 wagon models. The side pockets will not fit the Loadmaster F600 - a refund and free return shipping was offered.) Tube stem for tires is just sticking out through with no ingenuity in design.